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Board Evaluations

Board and CEO evaluations are critical to achieving and benchmarking your organization’s goals and objectives – how can you be sure you’re making the best use of this opportunity?

The administration of these important tools can often be considered a painful process, leading to “back of the envelope” surveys that fail to provide any real value to the organization or the evaluation’s participants.

It was with simplifying this process in mind that the Caribbean Governance Training Institute, in cooperation with the Caribbean Institute of Directors, developed its Board and CEO Evaluation Suite.

Developed during CGTI’s years of consulting in the field, these evaluations will ensure you’re getting real depth, and value, out of the process, while also making the process as simple as just a few clicks!

Evaluation Tools:

Virtual Boardroom - Virtual Boardroom

1. Board and Board Chair Evaluations

These best-practice evaluations provide a review of your Board and Board Chair in all major areas of governance – and the historical feature allows you to compare year-over-year results to see where you’ve been!

2. Committees and Committee Chair Evaluations

Includes best-practice evaluations for the three “core” board committees – Audit & Finance, Governance, and HR & Compensation - their chairs, as well as a broader tool to evaluate other board committees and their chairs, such as the Risk, IT and Pension Committees evaluations.

3. Peer and Self Evaluations

Ready to take your evaluations to the ULTIMATE level? If so, then you need to enable board members to measure their own effectiveness and that of their peers, leading to optimal individual and team performance. All responses are anonymous, and each member only receives the portions of the report that pertain to them.

4. All Board Evaluations

We also provide all of the evaluation tools listed above in a single package.

5. CEO Evaluation

Securely evaluate your CEO’s organizational leadership, operational effectiveness, and ability to forge strong relationships.
Board and CEO evaluations don’t have to be intimidating!
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Private Training

CGTI will present any of its unique governance programs exclusively for your board and organization members. Our In-house sessions allow your board to privately participate in any program selected. You are able to discuss your board governance issues and challenges with the CGTI governance faculty; which allows for complete confidentiality. With a comfortable environment you are able to express yourself freely and honestly during the program.

Private Training
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